April 2019: Currently in the process of updating all this… check back for new content in the coming months!

Arranging / Composing

  • High quality reference audio made using cutting edge sample libraries and Logic Pro X

  • Practice tracks with click of front only and battery only, for visual rehearsals and front ensemble sectionals

  • Professional looking PDFs of full score, pit score, battery score, and individual parts with extreme attention to detail

  • Visual staging for select clients / count sheets and staging input for all clients at no charge

  • Regional exclusivity

  • Personal Dropbox folder for easy access to all files, including all samples

    See outdoor page for more detail.

Check back throughout the summer as I continue to upload more of my portfolio.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my colleagues and students, past and present. You were patient and trusting while I figured it all out, and without you I would be nothing.

“Trophy Case” / “Jubilee of Narcissism”

2018 TIA Champions - Governor Mifflin HS (SAS)

2014 MCGC Bronze Medalists - Zebra Indoor / Wayne Memorial HS (PSA)

2012 WGI Bronze Medalists - Freedom HS (PSA)

2012 AIA Silver Medalists - Freedom HS (PSO)

2011 WGI Champions - Chantilly HS (PSA)

2011 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS (PSO)

2011 AIA Silver Medalists - Freedom HS (PSO)

2010 AIA Silver Medalists - Freedom HS (PSA)

2009 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS (PSO)

2008 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS (PSW)

2007 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS (PSO)

2006 AIA Champions - South County Secondary School (PSN)

2005 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS (PSO)

2004 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS (PSO)

2002 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS* (PSO)

2001 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS* (PSO)

1999 AIA Champions - Chantilly HS* (PSA)

* = performer